1529 English verbs and 842 Irish verbs conjugated and translated
  1. untidy verb
  2. untidied Verbal Adjective
  3. untidying Verbal Noun
  1. I untidy me english present
  2. you untidy you
  3. we untidy we
  4. you untidy you plural
  5. they untidy they
  6. untidy autonomous present
  7. he does not untidy negative present he
  8. does he untidy? question present he
  1. I untidied me english past
  2. you untidied you plural
  3. they untidied they
  4. untidied autonomous past
  5. he did not untidiy negative past he
  6. did he untidy? question past he
  1. I will untidy me english future
  2. you will untidy you plural
  3. will untidy autonomous future
  4. he will not untidy negative future he
  5. will he untidy? question future he
past habitual
  1. I used to untidy me english past habitual
  2. you used to untidy you plural
  3. used to untidy autonomous past habitual
  4. he used to not untidy negative past habitual he
  5. did he used to untidy? question past habitual he
  1. I would untidy me english conditional
  2. you would untidy you plural
  3. would untidy autonomous conditional
  4. he would not untidy negative conditional he
  5. would he untidy? question conditional he
  1. that I untidy; may I untidy me english subjunctive
  2. that you untidy; may you untidy you plural
  3. that untidy; may untidy autonomous subjunctive
  4. that he does not untidy; may he not untidy negative subjunctive he
  5. may he untidy? question subjunctive he
  1. untidy me english imperative
  2. untidy you
  3. untidy he
  4. untidy she
  5. let's untidy we
  6. untidy you plural
  7. untidy they
  8. untidy autonomous imperative
  9. don't untidy negative imperative